5 Ways Apps Make The Mobile World

Back in the days when your mobile phone was roughly the size of a brick, most people were just impressed at the idea of having a telephone that you could take out of your house. Now, the word “landline” seems so specific and laughable.
Whilst the mobile phone has been around since 1973 (yes, it’s that old), the first app didn’t hit our phones until 2008. We’ve had 46 years to get used to the idea of a telephone that travels, but only 11 to adapt to the phenomenal changes that apps have brought. Smartphone capabilities are still advancing, and with any luck, they’ll be making life better on the way. Intrinsic to this innovation are apps.
So, here are 5 ways apps have shaped the world of mobile communication.

1. The world of choice

The first “smart” phone to arrive with in-built apps had a total of ten tools for us to play with. As of May 2019 there are around 1.8 million apps in the Apple Store, and a whopping 2.8 million for Android phones.

For every situation life throws at you, there’s probably an app for that.

2. A healthier life

Whether you want to count your steps, log your diet, learn how to meditate or even find out how you sleep, apps enable our mobile phones to become invaluable tools in the pursuit of healthier and happier lives.

3. It’s ready to wear

Whilst the things we can do with our smartphones are on the increase, so are the options for how we carry that technology around with us. Smart watches, GPS keyrings and pendants are generally getting smaller, and more and more aesthetically pleasing. To interface with us, they’ve all got an app and through them we can stay connected night and day.

4. Give me a break

Conversely, sometimes we need a little space to ourselves, and having tech become such an intrinsic part of our wardrobe can feel invasive and overbearing at times. It’s okay to take some time out and step away from the phone, the watch, or the wearables; and yes, there’s even an app for taking a break from apps and networked devices.

5. You got game

Apps on our smartphones and tablets have put fun and games at our fingertips. There are puzzles, RPGs, PVPs, platformers, shoot ‘em ups, racers – you name the type of game, someone will have figured out how to allow you to play it on a mobile device. Games are such a popular aspect of our mobiles that many app developers are looking at how to “gamify” their product to increase engagement.