Why You Should Join Our Research Study

Lauren Scales

What is a research study anyway?

Firstly, let’s look at ‘research’. The word might spark a variety of colourful images in your head: engineers sealed in a secure basement laboratory tinkering at a bizarre looking prototype; scientists in white coats nervously handling frothing test tubes; academics analysing endless reams of information bathed in the soft pale glow of a computer screen. In reality, research rarely looks like a scene from something on Netflix. However, the goal of all research remains the same - to expand current kne.

As for the term ‘study’, this largely refers to how that research will be carried out. It’s defining who or what will be studied, what the study will aim to find out, how the information is collected and analysed etc.

If you think about it, all of us carry out informal research in our day-to-day lives. Say, for example, you’re looking for a new blender (after an unfortunate incident involving a misplaced teaspoon and subsequently ruined tracksuit...). You’ll research the possibilities, applying a whole load of criteria like cost, size, function, availability, weight, guarantee, customer reviews and aesthetics. You’ll then analyse your findings and reach a conclusion over which one to buy (my Blender Research Study continues).

Why should you join our study?

At Bioepic we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to healthcare. Every individual is different and we want to give everyone a way to better understand themselves. We’re aiming to expand Bioepic’s current knowledge over how this might be possible by using equipment people already own. Most people have a smartphone, which in reality goes wherever the individual is. Our mission is to create an app which uses a standard smartphone camera to take various readings from the body and then give people personalised information about their health, literally in the palm of their hand.

By joining our study and using our research app, you’ll be giving us simple readings and measurements which we’ll then analyse to help us refine the capabilities of our end product. So, if you’d like to collaborate with us, we’d love to have you on board. Head to our homepage and see how you can start to make managing health easier for everyone, today.